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  • Meeting Abstracts September 1979

    J. G. Stone, M.D.; J. R. Calabro, M.D.; M. A. DePetrillo, M.D.; P. F. Hoar, M.D.; HH. Bendixen, M.D.

    Anesthesiology. 1979; 51(3):S67-S67. doi:

  • Meeting Abstracts January 1969

    J. W. Flacke; P. F. Osgood; HH. Bendixen

    Anesthesiology. 1969; 30(1):120-120. doi:

  • Meeting Abstracts September 1965

    J. Hedley-Whyte, M.D.; H. Pontoppidan, M.D.; M. B. Laver, M.D.; P. Hallowell, M.D.; HH. Bendixen, M.D.

    Anesthesiology. 1965; 26(5):595-602. doi:

  • Reviews of Educational Material September 1964

    L. D. Egbert; HH. Bendixen

    Anesthesiology. 1964; 25(5):734-734. doi: