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Correspondence  |   May 2020
An Online Educational Platform in the COVID-19 Pandemic
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  • Royal Free Hospital, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom.
  • (Accepted for publication May 7, 2020.)
    (Accepted for publication May 7, 2020.)×
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Correspondence   |   May 2020
An Online Educational Platform in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Anesthesiology Newly Published on May 26, 2020. doi:
Anesthesiology Newly Published on May 26, 2020. doi:
To the Editor:
We bring to your attention the unique features of our specialized departmental coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) website, purpose-built to disseminate training resources; particularly highlighting the clarity of the structure and infographics, as well as the efficiency and acuity required to ensure accuracy. The benefit of having an online educational platform during the COVID-19 pandemic has been previously reported.1  At the start of the pandemic in the United Kingdom, our anesthesia and intensive care (usually separate) departments merged. Our preexisting anesthesia website ( was rapidly adapted to include a COVID-19 page with contributions from experts in both specialties.
Clinical guidelines are displayed in sections of anesthesia, intensive care, and obstetrics, including information for non-medical staff. Infographics are used to facilitate quick review, either by carousel (e.g., adult advanced life support, COVID-19 intubation guidance), or one-click access icons (e.g., COVID-19 ventilation strategy). The training section includes several video demonstrations and specific cross-training resources for non-anesthesiologists and nonintensivists. A detailed communications section highlights the most efficient contact pathways between teams in different areas of the hospital. The staff wellbeing section covers information on physical, emotional, and psychologic support.
In order to remain current, the website is maintained daily by an attending (M.J.C.) and a resident (L.L.Y.), with updates logged in a spreadsheet (private access only). Since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, our website has had 5,607 page views worldwide, thus demonstrating this to be an invaluable resource for all members of the multidisciplinary team.
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Support was provided solely from institutional and/or departmental sources.
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