Table of Contents  |   April 2015
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Table of Contents   |   April 2015
Anesthesiology 4 2015, Vol.122, A13-A18. doi:
Anesthesiology 4 2015, Vol.122, A13-A18. doi:
Anesthesiologists likely provide mechanical ventilation for more patients than any other care providers. The 2014 Journal Symposium focused on improving anesthesiologists’ understanding of mechanical ventilation, with the aim of making improvements in morbidity and for those receiving respiratory care during the course of surgery. The articles in the current issue of Anesthesiology discuss and clarify many aspects of the perioperative use of mechanical ventilation.
  • Wiener-Kronish and Vidal Melo: New Investigations of Core Competencies: Perioperative Mechanical Ventilation and Assessment of Lung Function, p. 723

  • Zhu et al.: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Adaptive Support Ventilation Mode to Wean Patients after Fast-track Cardiac Valvular Surgery, p. 832

  • Maitra et al.: High-frequency Ventilation Does Not Provide Mortality Benefit in Comparison with Conventional Lung-protective Ventilation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Meta-analysis of the Randomized Controlled Trials, p. 841

  • Barbara: Bedside Lung Ultrasonography: A Tool for Rapid Assessment of Pneumothorax, p. 921

  • Li et al.: Transient Receptor Potential A1 Activation Prolongs Isoflurane Induction Latency and Impairs Respiratory Function in Mice, p. 768