Education  |   March 2015
Sleeping Beauty
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  • Ting Gou, A.B.
    From the University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Accepted for publication October 23, 2014.
    Accepted for publication October 23, 2014.×
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Education / Mind to Mind / Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems / Pediatric Anesthesia / Pharmacology / Technology / Equipment / Monitoring / Trauma / Burn Care
Education   |   March 2015
Sleeping Beauty
Anesthesiology 03 2015, Vol.122, 710-711. doi:
Anesthesiology 03 2015, Vol.122, 710-711. doi:
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On your sixteenth birthday,

your childhood expires

behind a spinning wheel.

In one version, it’s like this:

Trapped by domesticity,

you fall into a coma because

being a woman in your time

is slightly better than being dead.

Or take a different analysis:

Not even the king and queen

and all accursed instruments

burned in endless pyres

anticipating your disaster

could keep two parents

from losing control.

But I heard a third version,

told by a shadowy figure

smelling faintly of ether,

who pulled me aside and

showed me the wonders of

mysterious vials. Look, he said,

this is what we gave her.

A prick of propofol,

A snuff of sevoflurane to tide

her over, to when the world

is a century wiser. Tell me

that’s not preferable to ruling

a paranoid kingdom. Besides,

something in her was broken,

and now, we think, it’s fixed.

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