Correspondence  |   January 2002
Eliminating Blood Transfusions: Don't Forget Hypotensive Anesthesia
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  • Donat R. Spahn, M.D.
  • *University Hospital Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland.
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Correspondence   |   January 2002
Eliminating Blood Transfusions: Don't Forget Hypotensive Anesthesia
Anesthesiology 1 2002, Vol.96, 253. doi:
Anesthesiology 1 2002, Vol.96, 253. doi:
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We appreciate the comment of Dr. Sharrock to our letter 1 and review article. 2 Four randomized studies are cited in which blood loss was reduced by hypotensive anesthesia. 3–6 In three studies with a total of 425 patients, 3,4,6 the reduction of blood loss was 13–130 ml without reduction of allogeneic blood transfusion. In one small study with 30 patients, blood loss was reduced by 500 ml, and also a reduction of allogeneic blood transfusion was observed. 5 In general, the blood sparing potential of hypotensive anesthesia is limited.
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