Correspondence  |   October 2017
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  • The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (D.I.M.).
  • (Accepted for publication June 13, 2017.)
    (Accepted for publication June 13, 2017.)×
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Correspondence   |   October 2017
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Anesthesiology 10 2017, Vol.127, 719-720. doi:10.1097/ALN.0000000000001786
Anesthesiology 10 2017, Vol.127, 719-720. doi:10.1097/ALN.0000000000001786
We thank Drs. Hwang and Jeon and Drs. Kehlet and Jørgensen for their letters and welcome the opportunity to discuss the strengths and limitations of our study.1 
As stated in the letter from Drs. Hwang and Jeon and acknowledged in our article,1  we were unable to identify whether each nerve block studied was actually clinically effective. When considered from the perspective of an explanatory research question, this is clearly a limitation. However, because the aim of our study was comparative effectiveness, our specific objective was in the realm of pragmatic research, that is, how effective and generalizable might the intervention be in real-world practice.2  From this perspective, we hope that our measures of association provide useful insights into the impact that the peripheral nerve blocks have on system outcomes across a generalizable large sample of patients across an entire healthcare system.
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