Infographics in Anesthesiology  |   January 2016
ADVERSE Drug Events: Incidence & risk reduction across the care continuum
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Infographics in Anesthesiology / Patient Safety / Pharmacology
Infographics in Anesthesiology   |   January 2016
ADVERSE Drug Events: Incidence & risk reduction across the care continuum
Anesthesiology 1 2016, Vol.124, A23. doi:10.1097/01.anes.0000473722.20007.03
Anesthesiology 1 2016, Vol.124, A23. doi:10.1097/01.anes.0000473722.20007.03
Complex Information for Anesthesiologists Presented Quickly and Clearly
ADE = adverse drug event; CPOE = computerized physician order entry; eMAR = electronic medication administration record.
Infographic created by Jonathan P. Wanderer, M.D., Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and James P. Rathmell, M.D., Brigham and Women’s Health Care/Harvard Medical School. Illustration by Annemarie Johnson, Vivo Visuals. Dr. Wanderer is funded by the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research, Schaumburg, Illinois, and Anesthesia Quality Institute’s Mentored Research Training Grant—Health Services Research, Schaumburg, Illinois. Address correspondence to Dr. Wanderer:
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